Attitude is EVERYTHING!

WELCOME to a new day at Tyler Boye Photography…we are going to give our followers a little more than just postings of weddings and work…Hope you enjoy!!
                                                               -Stephanie & Tyler
It dawned on me this week, after so many great shoots with my super cool brides, that I need to share with you a big “sort-of” secret…Attitude is EVERYTHING!   A great percentage of my couples tell me they are nervous about our engagement shoot or that they don’t know how to pose or act in front of the camera {OR more specifically… the groom is nervous/doesn’t like the camera}.  So after 15 years behind the camera, professionally, I can give you FIVE bits of advice.
One, before our shoot maybe look at old pics of yourself.  Pictures that you like and dislike…what is it you like?  The look you are giving, the angle of your face, the way your hair is, the way you are standing?  What don’t you like about some of your pictures?  Your chin is up too high, your making a funny smirk?  OK now you are a little wiser about what you are going to do or not do when we shoot.

Two,  I would say look at other peoples pictures in magazines, on blogs, friends e-shoot & wedding pics.   Notice what you like, what appeals to you.  BRING IT to our shoot.  Today is your day to be Natalie Portman, Taylor Swift, Kate Moss or (insert favorite model name here)!  Shyness may only hold you back from getting the pictures you want but hey if that is you…play that roll.  You can be an actress/actor for the day.  Visualize it in your head what you want to be for the pictures.  Bring props that work to that end, practice doing make up that works for your persona in the pictures.  For example, if you are doing a e-shoot at a creek and you are going to be in cut offs, a bikini top, and wellies think about what hair will work for that look and make up.  Maybe braids, bandana, simple clean make up…probably not mascara if you are going to get wet…but dripping mascara can look great too…its what YOU want!

Three, when all else fails remember you are taking pictures with your TRUE LOVE….Show it!  Get comfortable with your man/girl.  You love each other, right?  You know how to hug, kiss, snuggle…practice so you are comfortable doing it with me behind the camera…don’t be shy hug, kiss, grab your mans face and kiss him.  You can be sexy, this is your shoot and these pictures are meant to be fun, sexy, flirty, most importantly show the two of you IN LOVE!
Four,  have fun, have fun, have fun…be yourself, your true self….
Five, since this is not brain surgery,  a great glass of wine never hurt to make the butterflies go away!!    Cheers….to a great shoot!
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