Jessica & Clint ~ {Styled Engagement Session} Bucks County, PA ~ by Tyler

WOW! Tyler and I had such a fun time working with Jessica and Clint.   So the story goes that Clint bought Jessica a vintage bike & restored it for her.  OK, how romantic, right?   Now he and Jessica do the Dandies & Quaintrelles ride in DC…I had never heard of this before but…SUPER COOL & great inspiration.  All of us, team Tyler Boye Photography and J&C, wanted to stylize their shoot to reflect their passion!  I must say lots of brainstorming and dead relatives stuff later we had an AMAZING shoot.  
This shoot has really gotten us thinking about what each shoot CAN BE if you are willing to PUSH IT.   We will go to the ends of the earth to do a great shoot…we lay in bed mulling over great shoot ideas, scour the internet for ideas, it is OUR fun.  It was great to see how Clint and Jessica really thought through each element of their outfits, pocket watches, vintage glasses & shoes, and the cutest peddle pushers EVER!  We called Jessica and suggested garters…very 20’s, right?  She was such a great sport and did whatever we suggested…it really helped to make this shoot all that it is.  Jessica never stopped smiling & Clint managed to stay awake,  fun was had by all.  
Set up your brainstorm with us so we can create beautiful imagery of you, your love & your passion.  Attitude is everything, but style REALLY helps!  Oh and hats off to Tyler on the opening shot that is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen!


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