#1 “Must Have”: Stunning Bridal Portaits

For anyone who has visited the studio and heard my two cents on what you want to have on your wedding day I ALWAYS encourage the bridal portrait.  So much of what Tyler & I strive to achieve with each wedding is based on our own wedding experience.  Our photographer was AMAZING, but not a wedding photographer.   There are some key images that we are still saddened that we do not have.  I hate that I do not have a great bridal portrait to  really remember what I looked like on the most important day of my life (to that date).  This is your ONE DAY.  This day is all about the two of you, and trust me, its probably the last time it will be all about you.  Before you know it, there are wee ones and it is forever and ever more about them.  SOOO…take my advice, take the time and make the most of all this day can be.  You have spent so much time, money, and energy on making everything perfect.  Capture everything and I encourage you…take time to do these timeless, iconic, amazing images!  

~ Stephanie Boye




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