Well Groom{ed}

So this topic has been tossed around our studio for some time.  How important is the groom’s suit?  In a word SOOO.  I can not tell you how some of our weddings have been really amazing on all fronts only to be tarnished by a poor suit choice.  This is arguably one of the most important days of your life (more on the second most important day later).   For a millennia the wedding day has been focused on the bride but, GENTLEMEN YOUR TIME HAS COME!  


Most of the brides reading this have probably thought about what you will look like on this day more than once.  You have given some thought to what you want your dress to look like as well as your hair & make up.    Now it is probably an equally great chance that your fiance hasn’t given it much thought, if any.   But I want to tell you, it will make all the difference in a the photographs.  I have viewed over 700 weddings (whew!)…I can tell you the grooms who had fantastic style and unfortunately, the ones who looked like they were wearing their uncles suit.  If you rent a tux or wear a suit that is not tailored…. you will look like a frump.  A great suit/tux is timeless.  An ill-fitted suit is an abomination today and anytime in the future.  If you never pay attention to what you wear…today is the day you should start or make it a one time thing.


And some of our most memorable grooms and their beautifully tailored suits…



Though I do have a background in fashion (I had my own clothing line for 9 years that had a run in Target) I am not a men’s suit expert.  So I went arguably the best source for amazing tips on what to look for in a GREAT suit, Esquire Magazine!    Here is what I need to impart & I had to just lift the picture right from their site (click link below to get the BEST advice)…this is soo PERFECT….
Now back to the second most important day of your life {and your suits life} feel free to skip if you wish.  A great little side story a little off topic but will make the money you spend feel better.  Thirteen years ago, when I got married, Tyler’s mother, Tyler and I went on a hunt for the perfect suit.   We shopped for the entire day trying on suit after suit for Tyler to wear.  We finally found the perfect suit, it wasn’t cheap but it fit so beautifully.  It looked like it was made for him.  At first I thought why spend this money on a suit (of course that thought never crossed my mind for my own dress).  His mother of course knew what looked great on him and wanted him to look amazing…luckily she paid attention to the details of the groom.  To this day, in every picture, he looks great…best suit of all those in the wedding…still.  Well, on the day our daughter was born (the 2nd most important day of your life) Tyler was working on a photo campaign in the California Desert.  I called him to let him know I was driving myself to the hospital and he should get there soon!  4 hours later he arrived looking so handsome in his beautiful wedding suit.  I looked at him in shock…”why in Gods name do you have that suit on?…we are going into labor and delivery here and you are wearing that expensive suit?”.  He looked at me and said “I wanted to look handsome for the first time our little girl saw me.”  And THAT just melted my heart.
Happy Shopping!

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