The Story of Aidan Ray

pintopinterestFor those of you who follow us on Facebook you know we are offering a free portrait session this month for a special family.  We were inspired by a mom , Melanie , who wrote to us asking if we could shoot her wedding .     She told us that she had a very special request.  She wanted a great picture of her son , Aidan, an 8 year old twin, who is severely disabled and in a wheelchair.  She told me she didn’t know how long Aidan would be with them .   He has already outlived his doctors predictions, yay Aidan!     She loves pictures but every photo session with Aidan turned into tears (hers) because Aidan couldn’t be captured, or the photographer got frustrated.   Unfortunately, we were not available for her wedding .   However, as the mother of a 9 year old boy myself my heart broke when I read her story.  I told Melanie that Tyler and I would love to shoot the family for free & see what we could do.


At 31 weeks gestation, Aidan was born one hour after his twin sister and with considerable difficulty.  He had been deprived of oxygen and was blue at birth.  Though both children stayed in the NICU only his sister seemed to flourish.  Both had physical therapy and Aidan progress took a little longer.  At nine months Aidan had what his physical therapist thought was a seizure.  He was taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, given an EEG (electroencephalogram) & his parents were told the devastating news that Aidan had something called Infantile Spasms.


Though Aidan and his family’s journey has been a long one, there are silver linings.  Melanie is now remarrying Ben, who has two young children.  Everyone has had to learn about people with disabilities, how it affects their family.  Most importantly, how much they are loved.  At first, Ben’s children were somewhat scared & shy but now they love to hug Aidan and make silly noises to make him laugh.  Blending this family has taken some adjusting and learning on everyone’s part.  Melanie has shared with us how Aidan has taught so many people so very much without saying a word.


To learn more about Infant Spasms or to donate to the cause you can go to .  Melanie also said she is so grateful for all of the support and strength she got from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia ( ) and St. Edmunds Home (Click here).


Thank you Melanie, Aidan, Ben & crew for your heartwarming story & allowing us a window into your family & life.


PS. I also was very moved to see Aidan’s journey captured by his mom through the early years.  To watch his video click this link ( See Aidan Matthew’s Journey online ).


***If you know of a deserving family please write me:  Please put in the subject line “photo give away”.    We are looking for our next family.  Stories will be selected on 6/14/13***


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  • Marie Herbig Leonard

    Love this! Great Job Tyler and Steph! Proud to say I know you!

  • Marianne Sabo

    beautiful,love them all

  • Gina Gebel Friedhofer

    Ahhh! good job Tyler Boye Photography! I am glad Mel finally found someone who is caring and patient! Love my Grandson Aidan and all! Great pictures!

  • Melanie Johnson Ray

    Thank you so much guys!!! You were so kind to us and especially to Aidan! You are wonderful photographers and people!!

  • Larry Ray

    Thank you for doing this for my son Aidan, he’s my hero and has made so many people better by just being him.

  • Stephanie Hansen-Boye

    If you know of a deserving family for a free photo shoot let us know (email me subject line: Free photo shoot give-away). Please read about our last deserving little boy, Aidan Ray!

  • Adele Heydenrich

    Facebook needs a Double Like button 🙂

  • tyler Boye Photography

    The Story of Aidan Ray.
    Don’t forget to tell us the story of a deserving family for this months photo give away. Contest ends June 14th, 2013.

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