Julia Grace ~ an inspirational little girl! by Tyler

With the start of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, it was fitting that Tyler and I spent the afternoon with the most amazing little girl, Julia.  Tyler and I were so touched by Julia’s joy and happiness.  She was the most enthusiastic model & great trouper for our shoot last week.


Julia was diagnosed with a Stage 3 Wilm’s Tumor, a type of childhood kidney cancer, right after her fifth birthday in 2010.  After the removal of her right kidney, radiation treatments and undergoing 6 months of chemotherapy, the prognosis was good with a 95% cure rate.

Julia has had four reoccurrences of her cancer – first with a tumor in her mediastinum and then with tumors in her lungs.  Julia has endured more chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries.  Her last relapse was in May with a mass in her right lung.  There are no remaining protocols to follow and her doctors are at a loss for what to do next.  Julia is currently taking a drug that will hopefully slow the growth of the tumor until a new treatment can be found.


Julia has a wonderful spirit that touches everyone she meets.  Throughout Julia’s treatment, she has been amazingly optimistic and wise beyond her years– never forgetting to smile and be kind to others.  For her 7th birthday, in the midst of her first relapse, Julia requested that all her gifts be given to other children that were being treated for cancer at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and any money she received was donated to the hospital for cancer research.  This past year, a school fundraiser was held for Julia, but she insisted that all the money be donated to CHOP for Cancer research.


In the last 3-1/2 years, Julia’s family has realized that 95% is just not good enough.  No child should ever have to suffer with this horrible disease and more importantly, we cannot stop looking for a cure.


Julia’s mother, Janet, has chronicled Julia’s battle against cancer, but more importantly, she has told Julia’s story, one of an amazing spirit and true grace.  Take the time to read Julia’s story on her CarePage at http://www.carepages.com/carepages/JuliaGrace  and spread the word that 95% is not good enough.  Julia, we are so lucky to have met you, you will be in our thoughts and prayers for blessings and healing!


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  • James Thompson

    Amazing Photos of such a beautiful girl who will be missed by so many. Now she is in Heaven with Jesus.. No more pain and no more suffering. She is and always will be the star girl .
    Anyway of getting the whole set of photos and perhaps some of the proceeds could go to the Julia Grace Foundation to continue the fight against cancer in Julia’s memory??

  • Theresa Houck McDonnell

    RIP sweet girl – taken WAY too soon…prayers for the family.

  • Leslie Hubbard-Jacobson

    Wow, amazing photographs capturing the joy and love of Julia and Janet.

  • Susan Purtell

    Julia and Janet, such bravehearts. Julia is one of God’s angels. This is a truly remarkable family, knowing them is a privelege and a humbling experience. Thank you for sharing your photographs of our beautiful and special Julia Grace.
    Susan Purtell Kimberton, PA.

  • Cindy Butler

    Stunning photos and beautiful sharing of her story and her inspriation. Thank you for using your amazing photography to honor her and remind as many people to continue to pray for this amazing girl and her family.

  • Ed Wings Wisneski

    WOW! That’s all I can say!

  • Ed Wings Wisneski

    WOW! that’s all I can say………

  • Jennifer Strouse Moorehead

    Beautiful! Wonderful!

  • Phyllis Kitchick

    A VERY VERY SPECIAL LITTLE GIRL! An inspiration to everyone and SIMPLY the BEST. Truly the most amazing little girl you as she lights up wherever she is with her smile.

  • Richard Chic Gasparotti

    Star Girl! Julia is my favorite super hero! I love these pictures Mr. Boye, Thank-you for capturing the beauty that shines from Julia and her family!

  • Jennifer Epps

    Wow – you have captured JuliaGrace – a child so full of love, compassion, laughter, and………grace! Thank you for sharing these photos. Especially, the one of Mom and Daughter with Julia holding her hands in a heart – tears…………lots of tears…. Absolutely beautiful

  • Erik Ammon

    She is so amazing! Her smile, as Joelle said, lights up everything and brings a smile to everyone else.

  • Joelle Maguire Bieber

    SO beautiful! Julia is such an amazing little girl and these pictures are amazing. Her smile lights up ANY room!

  • Eleanor Theis


  • Renee Ludovici Frugoli

    That made me cry Felicia is 5 years cancer free from stage 5 wilms tumor.

  • Elizabeth Vandervelden Flad

    Amazing pictures of an amazing girl!! Thank you!

  • Nancy Daly

    She is one of the most beautiful and inspirational children you will ever meet! Precious!

  • Danielle Guidotti

    Our beautiful and brave Julia! How can you not smile when you look at her?

  • tyler Boye Photography

    Simply AMAZING!

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