Alicia & Jeff ~ {White Manor Country Club} Malvern, PA ~ by Inna

Alicia and Jeff_001pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_002pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_003pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_004pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_005pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_006pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_007pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_008pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_009pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_010pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_011pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_012pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_013pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_014pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_015pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_016pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_017pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_018pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_019pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_020pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_021pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_022pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_023pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_024pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_025pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_026pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_027pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_028pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_029pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_030pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_031pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_032pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_033pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_034pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_035pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_036pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_037pintopinterestAlicia and Jeff_038pintopinterest

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  • Lauren Elise


  • Ann Arrell

    Annie, these pictures are gorgeous. I can’t believe how much Alicia reminds me of you. She has your same mannerisms. So beautiful.

  • Susan Fitzgerald Klink

    Beautiful pictures Andrea. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Angie Salcone Mangione

    Wow, what gorgeous pictures. What a great wedding.

  • Christine Fleming Rosenberg

    Stunning!! Looks like it was a beautiful day!!!

  • Desiree Bonafino

    Awwwwww thanks for sharing!!! She’s beautiful!!!

  • Susan Carbonara

    So beautiful !

  • Marie Shanahan

    Just sheer beauty, all the way around! Best wishes to my nephew and his new bride!! <3

  • Debbie Cullen Dirico


  • Holly Jones Biegel

    These are amazing and everyone looks terrific. It looked like so much fun!!!

  • Debbie Clark Eichler

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Alicia Ann

    Sneak Peak of our Wedding Photos 🙂

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