Ronni & Corey ~ {National Museum of American Jewish History} Philadelphia, PA ~ By Hugh

You know, weather is tricky; forecasts aren’t reliable and there always, ALWAYS, seems to be a chance of rain in our region. I’ve lost many days and canceled many activities when rain was called for, but never showed. I was overly optimistic that this day was going to play out fine and the rain wasn’t anything we had to worry about. I was wrong, oh so wrong. Standing under cover would get you wet, the rain and winds were coming in strong.

While we had to ditch plan A and plan B, plan C worked out perfectly. We traveled to the National Museum of American Jewish History for the first look and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome. Ronni and Corey met inside away from the torrential downpour and had a sweet moment to themselves before we went on with the day’s wedding festivities.


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  • Karen Shellenhamer

    I can’t stop smiling! You both look so happy and beautiful!

  • Sherry Bucholtz-Boguchwal

    Beautiful beyond words. Their happiness was evident in each photo.

  • Judy Herman

    Mazel Tov to a beautiful couple with a beautiful future together. Enjoy every moment.

  • Karen Morginstin Hogg

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing. Mazel Tov to the happy couple!!!

  • Barbara Stransky Tuft

    Everything looks beautiful especially the bride. So radiant. Mazel Tov you two! Sorry we couldn’t be there.

  • Beth Rosenfeld Bruck

    Absolutely breathtaking!

  • Kristen Carter

    What a beautiful day!! The photos are amazing. Congrats!

  • Susan Bruck Isaacson

    Just beautiful!!! So happy we were able to be part of this day in both your lives. Love you both!

  • Brianna Giarratano

    congratulations to my beautiful and best friend and her wonderful new husband, Corey. Weather couldn’t come close to stopping how wonderful this wedding was

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