Alyssa & Noah ~ {Fairmount Park Horticulture Center} Philadelphia, PA ~ By Hugh

Well, we weren’t quite content with just one location… or being content with staying clean. Alyssa and Noah approached me with the idea that we should have fun while there’s no dress and suit to worry about, and I poached the idea of letting things get a little messy, and possibly a little [ie very] wet.  They were game!

But first thing’s first, while we’re all dressed and snazzy, we crept into Fairmount Park nearby the Horticulture Center. Aly and Noah placed enough faith in me to lead them down into a shaded path without a clue as to where I was going, but with hopes that I’d get them to somewhere worthwhile. And sure enough, at the end of the path, was the Pavilion in the Trees! Like having a frame of a cool tree house, we set about our session inside of the cool structure high along the tree line. After that was spent, we took some shots around Fairmount, before ending the day at the Belmont Plateau up in, under, and around so pretty slick trees with the Philly skyline emerging from the background.

We setup another day to head down to Wissahickon and go about our watery adventure alongside the big creek. We had dreams of cliff diving and going the high action route, but a crowded watering hole and good judgement steered us towards safer water levels and no life threatening jumps.


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