Alyssa & Ray ~ {Northhampton Valley Country Club} Richboro, PA~ By Hugh

You can create something special with a few key ingredients when it comes to photography, and I think we had something magical on this day. What are those ingredients? A loving couple, good energy, and time to pull off the shots. Alyssa and Ray were really great to work, and after seeing Tyler’s engagement session with them, I knew they’d be up for having loads of photos taken and were supremely patient with me throughout the shoot. After a quick session at St Vincent De Paul church, we made our way out to Tyler State Park for the bridal party shoot, and ultimately, Alyssa and Ray’s photo session where we basked in the glow of a beautiful dusk in a field of green that photographers dream of. We live for these moments, and I couldn’t be more happy that it was with these two.

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