Unexpected Wedding Costs No One Warns You About….YEOW!

Any of your married friends can tell you there is always some unexpected wedding cost lurking in the shadows.  Its there, ready to jump out & surprise the crap out of you once you happily close the checkbook and rest your feet on the coffee table, ready to watch Orange Is The New Black.

Lets throw some light onto those hidden monsters that threaten to spoil your Sephora splurge or worse, your week at the beach!  While we can not anticipate all costs but there are certainly some costs that you will want to anticipate as they can really add up.  Jamie Nadeau & Lauren Lerner from Lauren James Events in Philadelphia gave us the advice they give their clients.  And they should know a thing or two about “hidden” event costs as they have together produced over 2,000 events!

Here is our quick and dirty list of fun spoiling costs that most couples never anticipate….

1. PRE WEDDING: Seamstress for dress, Rehearsal dinner { transportation for out of town guests, entertainment, tablescape (decor), invites}.

2. WEDDING DAY: Tips for service providers {Coat check, valet}, ancillary table decor {cake, escort & gift table}, feeding bridal party {in addition to wedding meal}.

3. POST WEDDING: dress & formalwear dry cleaning services, Alcohol tab if you are doing an after party or if you decide to do a consumption based alcohol fee with your venue (we do not recommend this)

These simple forgotten items alone can add up to thousands of dollars….or that beach house you rented for a week:(.  Now go slay the money monsters & walk away from your wedding without bills.

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