5 Tips To Ensure Hair & Make Up Professionals Don’t Sabotage Your Wedding Pictures

Without question we ALWAYS recommend a professional to do your hair and make up on the day of your wedding.  In our opinion (Tyler and I) they are invaluable, required, imperative, & indispensable!  Can not say that enough.  However, here is the good, the bad & the ugly….hair & make up can make a huge mess out of your timeline.   AM or pre-wedding pictures are an essential part of your wedding story.  In our studio we layout a timeline that allows us to capture all of your requests as well as images that we know weave a beautiful tale of your day.  However, sometimes those stories are sabotaged because of poor planning & hair & make up disasters.  Watch to see just how to avoid these pitfalls to ensure you have an album full of pictures from every point in your day:)



Go forth informed & rock your wedding day!!!

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