Professional DJ Service


Professional DJ Service

Once our clients book our photography studio this is the FIRST QUESTION they ask us.  Its a great question to ASK US because we have been IN THE WEDDING INDUSTRY from LA to NYC FOR 15 YEARS.  Before Hitched Productions we directed clients to the local assortment of DJ’s but NONE OF IT EVER REALLY “FELT RIGHT” in our gut.  We’re from LA where THE MUSIC SCENE IS FRESH & ORIGINAL.  We believe the MUSIC SHOULD SPEAK FOR ITSELF.

Today many DJ companies make mixes based on your choices and just play them at your event …seriously !  And so w e set out to create A DIFFERENT KIND OF DJ COMPANY.  We d on’t push loud emcees but  DJ’S ,  WHO ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT MUSIC &  THE ART OF MIXING.   We CREATE A VIBE, lay down a soundtrack  to an otherwise AMAZING DAY and tailor your dance floor to what you want.  If you LOVE TO DANCE & want  everyone out on the dance floor GROOVING, we will get them there!  Our sound is unparalleled , with all our DJs seamlessly mixing between songs & genres.

[ Each of our  DJ’s have 10 years plus experience in the music industry: ]


– Our DJs are the most PROFESSIONAL in the industry & our equipment is STATE OF THE ART
– Our DJ’s SPEAK WHEN THEY HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT & pertinent to say about what is happening. Everything is preplanned by the two of you in advance, nothing off the cuff
– Our DJ’s DON’T DO CHEESE ie. Electric Slide, Macarena, Chicken Dance
– Our DJ’s have lots of band/club experience and equal EXPERIENCE WITH WEDDINGS and special events

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